Hermes Boutiques in France (besides Paris)

  1. A little question...I go to France several times a year to visit my boyfriend, but I almost never end up in Paris...I'm looking to purchase my first Birkin on my next trip, which will be in September. The closest Hermes boutique near me will be in Lyon, as well as in Geneva, Switzerland. Also, since my boyfriend is from the north of France, I will be visiting the Lille boutique this December.

    I did a search on the forum, and found that some TPF'ers had luck in Lyon...but those posts were a while ago. Anyone been to either the Lille or Lyon boutiques lately? What are they like in terms of Birkin availability? Any word on the Geneva boutique would be helpful too...

    Thanks in advance! :flowers:
  2. Not been to one lately but from the post I gathered in this forum, Geneva seems pretty good since it's the flagship store. Hope you'll manage to score something there.
  3. I would pass on Geneva, they have an established client-base and you won't see any there.

    I've lots of luck in France and all outside of Paris, the service is impeccable and the staff very friendly. It's always 'Madam, would you like to see anything else? May I show you something else? What else can I help you with?' So, stellar service, really.

    I like Lyon, Dijon is on the small side but found some grail scarves there, Metz is also good, Strasbourg is ohh-la-la, Mulhouse is small but also very nice. If they have any Birkins, it will all be on display, at least from my experience so far. Avoid the ski resorts, like Megeve and Courchevel, the only Birkins and Kellys they have all have diamonds on them :shocked: .

    In September, you may see something, but mid December is great. Last I was told in April, Friday is delivery day outside of Paris and stocks are out early Saturday, so go early and practise being a little French, it helps to understand the culture. I'm sure your b/f can prep you on that ;).

    Perhaps another member can verify the delivery days in France, could be old news on my end.
  4. Wow, thanks for the fantastic information, AirMess! I will definitely check out Lyon in September. I've also read elsewhere that December is a good time for Birkin hunting, which will be good for me if I don't find something in September.

    As for "being a little French"...I actually worked and lived in France for a year! I miss being there so much :girlsigh:!! I speak French fluently, but with an American boyfriend thinks it's cute, but I think it's awful :push:...hopefully the SA's in France will find it cute as well :graucho:
  5. You'll be fine then, they love it when outsiders speak French fleuntly even with an accent :p

    I find that they get down to business quickly after plesantries have been exchanged especially when they do not have an established relationship with you. Have a clear idea of what you want is good, perhaps 2 other color options that you can play with is good as well.

    So, good luck!
  6. I forsee a swarm of TPF'ers hitting the Lyon store in mid-December, practicing their broken French on the poor SA. (No offense to any TPFer who speaks fluent French, and would you be willing to be our spokesperson?)
  7. Airmess, what do you think of the boutiques in Rouen, Deauville and Rennes? We're making a tour of France this summer and I'm trying to structure it around--what else--H boutiques, lol!
  8. Sorry, I can't be of help here, I haven't been to any of the above you mentioned. I think if you are going to be in Paris for a few days, I'll really try there first although it's always such a zoo and you can move on to the others. They aren't going to have 20 or 30 Birkins at these stores, last december when my DH got me my Kelly, they offer 2 Birkins to him which he turned down as I prefer to wear my bag on my shoulder. At some point, if/when Birkins do come with straps, I will consider it. There's no harm trying all the stores as you are going to be there anyway.
  9. Okay, thanks, Airmess. I figure I'll be able to see about 8 different boutiques in France. I'm looking for a couple of rare leather combinations, black chevre bolide and vache naturelle 28 retourne kelly. apparently not offered as PO or SO, so the more boutiques the better.

    Mimi, good luck and sorry to have digressed... I hope you find some treasures!
  10. I really don't think so, my DH was only shown TWO Birkins, not the 20 or 30 we read/hear about at the mothership. He was in Lyon for business and so stopped by. I don't forsee a hoard of tPFers going there :smile:

  11. Hi Air Mess,

    can you tell me more about the H store in Strasbourg? Do you think I can score a Rough H Bolide there?

  12. Good Luck to you too, Mizzle. You really never know what you are going to find. I did enjoy my trips to France and was incredibly pleased with the service I received there.
  13. When I was in Strasbourg in April, they had tons of Bolides and some HACs and 1/2 Birkins, lots of Kellys and some exotics. I would say you have a good chance to see a Rouge H there, just not sure if it's going to be Bolide. Another stellar store with superb service :tup:.

    ETA: Strasbourg is a relatively big store.
  14. Thanks Air Mess!
  15. I have been to Hermes Deauville but that was before my bag-collecting days. I only remember that store being extremely well stocked and the staff super friendly.