Hermes Boutique Sales

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  1. I was in my bed last night Birkin thinking thanks to Ivette's lastest aquisition and I was wondering...Does anyone know how the stores receive the bags? Is it based on their sales volume?

    See, I live down the street from the nations largest Porsche dealership and they receive so many cars because they sell the most. (also, the largest Lexus dealer is here as well and so I am told it is the same way with them) If there is a limited edition or an insanely expensive car they receive it at Porsche. Other dealers may never see one even if they have a buyer. (like back with the 911 twin turbos) So, I was wondering if it worked like that at Hermes?

    Does each boutique receive a minimum amount and then the overage comes based on sales volume? Anyone have any idea? Oh, one more thing...which Hermes is the highest dollar volume selling boutique? I just wondered.
  2. From what I've heard the managers go up twice a year to order and then the bags just come in as they are made. I might have heard wrong though, but I'll check up on that Monday :biggrin: Great question!
  3. KellyB, I don't know about US & Europe, but in Asia, Japan is the best performing market for Hermes. I was told they have the most bags. But then, the prices at the Tokyo stores are also frighteningly expensive. A 30cm leather Birkin retails for about US$8, where I live, the same bag is about US$7,000.
  4. My store manager also told me the same. He goes 2x a year to make the orders and Hermes will them him the possibility of getting specific colors and leathers based on availability.

    Interesting though is that here, Zurich is the largest city in Switzerland. But when I went to Hermes yesterday in Zurich, the shop is much smaller and has less bags than Hermes here in my city (which has one-third of the population of Zurich).
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  5. That's interesting to know :amuse: Thanks for sharing, La Van.
  6. I really find all these comparisons quite interesting and I thank you all for sharing what you know. You really wonder about it all don't you? These are some things I would love to know, but never read anything about.
  7. Gigi - It was also a shock for me that the Zurich store was smaller. I'm so glad and happy now that our store has much much more stuff.

    The SAs were also raving about my fuschia Kelly and admiring the chevre leather.
  8. I can reply as La Van: my store manager told me she goes 2x a year to make the orders and Hermes will them her the possibility of getting specific colors and leathers based on availability:smile:
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