Hermes Boutique Saint Martin

  1. Has anyone visited in the last 12 months? What should I expect? (Scarfs, wallets, agendas or actual bags:graucho: )
    And if you have any hotel recommendations and or other shoppings/hints please post.

    Muchas Gracias (its 16 degrees here right now and I'm freezing!)
  2. EK, I was JUST thinking the same thing about 30 min. ago...I may be able to pop in there next week, but the last time I went, in March last year, there weren't many bags...
  3. oh, they have one? ok - time to visit my brother. ;)
  4. Maybe I should make a phone call!
  5. hi has anyone ever bought from st martin hermes? i bought a bag on eBay and the seller gave a copy of the receipt, she said it was bought from this store..but its handwritten, its not like other receipts ive seen from hermes in california and even in paris. please advise kindly, im very confused
  6. i dont recall seeing one when i was there last year... but i wasnt looking for one either so..:shrugs: sorry..
  7. My experience with a hand written receipt was when the register is not working.
  8. I am going on a cruise in january and wanted to know if the hermes boutique in st. martin was worth checking out. How do the prices compare to NYC?
  9. The H boutique in St. Martin is quite small. Usually have a very small selection of bags (maybe a Bolide, Victoria, etc); no Birkins. Small selection of scarves and bracelets. Wait for St. Barths.
  10. I was in St Martin in July, and stay at the Port Cupecoy Marina, very nice and brand new. In our case we stay at our boat,but they have apt. And VIllas for rent, highly recomended. My experience at the H store there was very good. SA very nice and súper friendly. i bougth two scarves and a CDC in etoupe , was offered a B in color brick, but didn't interested me at that moment. But my sister in law bought a B color camel 30cm, she was very lucky to score a B from the first try! If any one want the name of the SA and the manager I can post tomorrow, now Iam at my boat. That day they also have Kellys ,G party bag and CDCs.
  11. Isn't the Hermes on the french side? If you are taking a cruise, it will dock on the dutch side. You'll have to drive (or grab a cab) to get to french side.
  12. Does anyone know if this boutique is still open?? The Hermes website doesn't list it anymore??? Will be going in January and was hoping for some H therapy as well as sun!!
  13. HI Everyone! I keep hearing mixed reports on the Hermes boutique in St Martin. Some say that it is now closed, but others report that it is still open for business. I will be traveling there over the Summer and I am curious to know if the store still is in business and what I might expect in terms of stock if open. Would be nice for us to see a different boutique, but if not we will simply enjoy our vacation sans Hermes. Please let me know if you have reliable info on this locale. AS always, thank you so much for your input.:smile:
  14. Saint Bart 's store is closed until july 15th. Not sure about SXM. :smile:)
  15. I just returned from ST. Martin and was told the Hermes store has closed. My wallet is happy, though it would have been lovely to check it out!