Hermes Boutique in Charlotte NC

  1. I did a forum search and only came up with one thread on the Charlotte Boutique and it was a year old, so I thought I would ask this in a new thread.
    Are any of you PFers from Charlotte or do you shop at that boutique?
    Could anyone tell me about availability of stock there?
    I am considering visiting Charlotte after Christmas to go to the boutique.
  2. I have only shopped with them by phone but they always have what I am looking for. The entire staff is really great.
  3. Thanks dianagrace, I had heard they would not ship to anyone?????
  4. Penny, I don't know about the shipping....but, don't many H stores ship to you if you've been there and shopped in person first? I had a piece sent to me that I actually selected there....of course I saved on taxes that way:tup:

    I like the Charlotte's somewhat small, but I find everyone to be really nice and very helpful.
  5. They gladly shipped a scarf to UK ;)
  6. hi! They are fabulous and very helpful! They will ship items out, but possibly not birkins or other types of bags unless you work with another h boutique or possibly visit them. What are you looking for?
  7. ^^^Hi pigleto!!! I see you made it home fine! So nice to meet you tonight!!!

    And yes, the H store at Southpark ROCKS. They also serve yummy champagne too. ;)
  8. Thanks ladies for all the post. I am not looking for anything particular, especially in handbags. My SA at the Hermes Boutique where I shop takes extremely good care of me in that department. I was just thinking of going for a visit. There is no H Boutique close to me. The closest one is 6 hours. We will be visiting family in the Carolinas for the Holidays so I thought it would be nice just visit a Hermes Boutique.
    All of you have had such nice things to say about the Charlotte staff that I really want to visit now! :smile:
  9. ^^^Ask for Jason. He's a love!!! We all adore him. :love:
  10. ^^^^ Thanks Prada!
  11. Hope you enjoy your visit!!! They have gotten quite a few CDCs in lately! Please let us know how your visit was!!

    PP, it was lovely meeting you and kallie girl, loved your scarves!!!
  12. :yahoo: Penny....I Can't Wait To Meet Up;)
  13. i've shopped with them on the phone and they are super nice and helpful. they have shipped to me but i only bought scarves i think. and i do love jason too!
  14. Darra helped me and she was possibly the nicest SA I have ever dealt with. H or non-H :tup:
  15. Thanks fot all the input ladies!!!