Hermes Boutique in Beverly Hills

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  1. Hi ladies

    I will be in LA May 3rd, and want to go to the Hermes in Beverly Hills. Can anyone recommend any good SA's there- I would really like to go and see and/or learn about the various leather choices for the Birkins and Kellys and would love to know if there is anyone really helpful there that I could ask for. Or is it going to be one of those kind of boutiques that we saw on Pretty Woman (too snooty to be bothered by customers). :cry: Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!!!:biggrin:
  2. I personally have not been in to that boutique yet, but maybe some of the other PF members that live here in LA can help out.

    What I do know is about an experience that my niece had there. She joined her friend and her friend's mother on a shopping trip to Rodeo because her friend's mom wanted a Birkin. Well, the SAs flatly told the mother that their were none available and the waitlist was 3 yrs long and currently closed. Yet, don't be deterred! I believe as long as you walk in with confidence and dress like you mean business, you should be fine. Have fun during your visit!
  3. Thanks Amkur! Should be interesting!!!
  4. Fill us in on your adventure for the stories
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