Hermes boutique at Riverside Square Mall - Open for business??

  1. Riverside Mall = Northern NJ

    hi there, anyone know when this store is set to open ? ?
    Opening party?
    Product offerings?

    I'd like to say I'm working on invites to the party, though I have no leads . . .
  2. I think it's supposed to be sometime in November, though I don't know specifically. It would be fun to go to an opening party for sure ;)

  3. I Shop Alot At That Mall And I Have Seen The Add's For The Hermes Store Thats Opening There But I Havent Heared Anything About When It Opens I Hope Sooon P.s I Would Love To Go To The Store Opening!!
  4. I was told mid to late December by the Mall management company
  5. the current le Monde says early 2008
  6. The shop opened last week.
    They still have a beautiful Black Poro Croc Kelly 32. TDF.

    Finally got some pics!
    njopening.jpg njwindow.jpg
  7. thanks for sharing

  8. was the kelly sellier or souple?
  9. i didnt look at it closely but sellier, i think.
  10. I was just having this conversation with some friends today and we wondered if there was any scarf issued for the opening of this store. The SA we were with didn't think there was, but then again...she doesn't work at that store.

    Seton, do you know? I think "Garden State" would actually be a nice name for it, if it existed.
  11. They didnt have a commemorative scarf and there are no plans to have one.

    Instead, they will have a commemorative towel and keychain. . . .next year :rolleyes:
  12. Thanks for the info. A towel? And keychain? Those sort of seem like odd choices. But oookay!
  13. I love that Hermes is opening so many new shops this year!
  14. I was there today!!! It was sooooo nice. And the SA's were all sooooo nice and helpful...and I was dressed in yoga pants, sneakers, and a fleece pullover. My hair was in a ponytail and I had NO makeup on. One of the SA's from LV Neimans in Short Hills is there now.
  15. I WAS THERE TODAY TOO!!!:tup: I wish I could have run into another TPF'er....I was also there for the ribbon cutting ceremony. I love it there as well they are all so nice. I almost bought a plume but i practiced self control, and just got some accessories:graucho:.