hermes / boston

  1. Hello folks,
    my team and I are going to Boston, early may this year. I was wondering if any of you have been to Hermes / boston.

    Do you guys know the name of any SA? Any recommendations? I thought of calling them one month a head to check birkins availability.

    Your thoughts and recommendations are highly appreciated…I am deing to get a birkin :crybaby:.. I always dream of getting one, no, not only one, but I actually want to build a troop of birkins :crybaby:

    Help me make my dream come true and get my first birkin :crybaby:..

    Thank you :push:
  2. I go there -- I will pm the name of a lovely SA!
  3. hello shoes,

    thanks a lot for your help :heart:, I’m so glad you shared the name of your SA with me via pm. can I contact you before I go to Boston to tell me about some tourist attractions in there...?

    I’ll be staying at the Hilton/the financial district, 89 Broad Street, Boston,... do you think I’ll have an easy access to shops? Hermes in particular? and other shopping malls? :push:
  4. it will be just a short cab ride, 10 minutes or so to hermes. or if the weather is nice and you're wearing comfortable shoes you can totally walk it too, it's about 1.5 miles or so.

    hermes is right near the copley/pru mall and newbury st where all the shops are. there is none of that near your hotel so you'll just have to venture over to back bay in your free time.
  5. rayoflight, Boston is a very walkable city if the weather cooperates. The financial district is closest to Faneuil Hall if you are looking for shopping. Hermes is near the Arlington St. stop on the green line of the subway, so, you could cab it, walk it, or take the T (subway). Newbury St. is near Hermes. Copley Place/Prudential Center mall is about a 12-15 min. walk from Hermes.
  6. I live in Boston (student) and I'm not really familiar with the financial district but I'm on Huntington- where the Museum of Fine Arts is! I'd definitely recommend the museum, as I think there's still a Napoleonic era art exhibit, as well as a gallery full of beautiful musical instruments.

    The Prudential Center has a Legal Sea Foods, Cheesecake Factory (the cheesecake is fantastic), and nearby on Newbury Street there's a handful of great restaraunts like Stephanies.

    Hope you have fun :smile:
  7. aaw thank mundodabolsa, I’ll definitely walk my self to Hermes store, if not I’ll get one of those fancy cars to give me a ride.. I want my hermes treasures to reach home safe … Exciement!:heart::boxing:

    Thank you pepper, you made my day.. Im Arab and this will be my very first time to go to the US. Im so excited, I’ll try to visit the Place/Prudential Center mall and Faneuil Hall…..(hugs & hugs) :flowers: :flowers:

    Hello student, thank you so much for sharing your info.. yes I would love to go to Stephanies and other fancy restaurants for a bite…Yuuuuummm!…:flowers:
    aaaand im so gonna go to that cheese factory and the museum… :flowers:

    I don’t want to feel the pang of disappointment at the idea of not being able to go back home without some treasure boxes with me….but guess what? im not giving this up! I’ll start contacting that Boston’s boutique in few days…;)
  8. Finding a birkin on the spot would be rare but it does happen! It is a good store and they always have some different bags and small leather goods, etc. Boston is a great city! I love it...I don't live there but try to visit often - as mentioned Newbury Street is near Copley/Prudential where all the nice shopping is - Fanieul Hall has street performers usually and is a fun place to sit and watch - as well as shop of course! You should definitely do one of the "Duck Tours" - a 1.5 hr. tour through town in a kind of vehicle that also goes in the water! It's fun and funny...a good time!
  9. have a good time hope you get the dream bags