Hermes Boston??

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  1. Hey guys,

    I maybe going to Boston next month.. I would like to know from anyone at Boston if they've seen some birkin laying around on the store shelves (one or twice).. since I've never seen one in Atlanta.. and getting into the waitlist is ridiculous in here. So if there's a big chance Boston is easier.. that reason alone might bring me to Boston!

    Thank you so much ladies!
  2. Boston store is a decent size store, but relatively one of the smaller store in my opinion (NYC one is MUCH larger store). I asked very friendly and helpful sales associate lady how often Birkin makes to a floor. She said there is very rare incidence of cancellation, but if there is one, always their next on-the-list costumers take it. She said sometimes they do not even get a cacellation for on-the-list costumers for 8 month - 1 year. I interpreted it as Birkins NEVER get to display on the shelf. I recommend to try NYC, if you can. But you never know, try Boston as well if you like
  3. Hey aspen.. Thanks for the quick reply. It's very helpful. I might be going to boston for my friend's graduation.. Hopefully I really2 lucky that day..
  4. I will be going to NYC this weekend and I planned to look for a Birkin then. Do they carry them often?
  5. Yes. on the same day, I saw 6 ladies with their birkin on the Madison ave. and 1 lady with croc. birkin blue. So, I saw totall of 7 ladies with birkin within 2- 3 hours on Madison ave.
  6. Yes, the NYC store is very generous when it comes to putting birkins or kellys on the shelf. I know for last week, they did put out at least 3 birkins and 5 kellys. RUN FOR IT girls! :lol:
  7. That seems to be true because the ladies here have picked up a few nice bags there over the last few months