hermes bolide pillbox

  1. i know it's not technically a bag but i thought this sterling silver pillbox was incredibly cute and cute would it be inside your hermes handbag? ;) (oh and just in case you're wondering the images are from eBay.....sadly i can't arrod to spend $800 on a pill box)

  2. that is delightful, its so cute! :smile:
  3. If it were a Birkin I would seriously think about it.

    It is super cute, though.
  4. :love: :love: :love: it
  5. Adorable if you have everything!
  6. How cute!!
  7. It's so cute! :love:
  8. oh, i saw this one toooo, so cute :love: :love:
  9. It sure is cute!!!
  10. aaaawwww, it's really darling..... but the price tag takes away from its cuteness :amuse:
  11. That's adorable!
  12. $300ish it'd be a cute novely item but at nearly a grand :wacko:
  13. I think it's so cute!
  14. since it was on eBay, the question is, was that price less or more than retail. :huh:
  15. It's a little less than full retail, if I remember correctly full price w/o tax was $850. I have the pillboxes in the Kelly, Bolide, and the McPherson. I have them on my Birkins, or wear them tied on a leather strap as a necklace (they hold my 800mg Motrin perfectly !).
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