Hermes Bolide in the Golden Compass movie

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  1. I just got back from seeing the Golden Compass and Nicole Kidman carries a beautiful little cream colored Bolide in one of the scenes! Has anyone else who has seen the movie noticed it?
  2. Wow, I'll look for it when I take my children. Thanks a bunch!
  3. I thought I saw a Bolide in the previews shown on TV. I even tried to use my TiVo to pause it so I could get a good look.

    Is Nicole Kidman's character the protagonist or antagonist?
  4. I think she's the antagonist...but she's carrying a BOLIDE!!?!! WooHOO!
  5. I saw the movie and at first glance thought it was a Bolide, but after staring at it, somehow there were some details about it didn't seem correct. Can anyone confirm?
  6. Nicole Kidman is a BIG customer of Lederer's in NYC. She does a lot of custom orders for alligator and also buys their version of the kelly. That "bolide" may have been one that they do, too.
  7. Is it a real Bolide? I read that a lot of movie and TV sets use fakes, because of the price of the bags.