Hermes Blues

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  1. Ladies,
    I have been soo torn, I want a birkin 30 bag somewhere in the future. But I am so tempted by Kelly, Trim and Bolide bags on ebay :hysteric:

    I know I should have more self-control and wait out for my perfect birkin. (which changes by the day.. which one I want) BUT I am so worried that THAT DAY will never appear, that I am straying with Kelly and Trim.

    I know Kelly and Trim are not my style yet... I am abit rugged and dressed mostly in jeans. I *know* Birkin fit my lifestyle more but I am in a Hermes Deprived mode. :crybaby:

    Last mth it was a Brighton Blue birkin, this mth it is a tie btwn the Gold and Black birkin. :hysteric: First it's a epsom leather, now I am hoovering with Togo leather... :confused1:

    Sorry for ranting... I just abit sad to end 2006 Birkin-less.. But 2007 might be a better year?

    Any advice for Hermes-Lover newbie? It's so hard to hold out for that perfect birkin. Please send me some self-control vibes to me!!!

    thanks for listening.
  2. Hold out for your Birkin!!! :yes: If you know it is the perfect style for you, you will be so much happier if you wait. If you buy something that isn't a Birkin, you will still want the Birkin.
    Sending you self control vibes and best wishes ~~~~ (even though I myself have zero self control. ;) )
  3. I think we've all been there.
    How about getting another H bag to ease the H itch? Maybe not a Kelly or Trim if you feel they won't fit, but maybe a Picotin, Evelyne or HerBag. Waiting for a Birking while owning an H bag makes the wait so much easier!
  4. I have my eyes on a Gao :biggrin:

    Thanks so much for hearing me :flowers:

    It has been so bad that my DH knows what I want and even my BIL in France. I told my BIL that he cannot leave France before I conquer the Hermes store in Paris.:nuts:
  5. I know exactly how you feel. I used to browse and be itching to buy something -- anything -- because I was dying for the birkin. But I did wait. And my birkin came along faster than I thought it would.
  6. Finally everyone knows how I feel.. even those scarves look soo good! I don't even use any scarfs... twilly I might.. been stalking the luxury-scarf website... man.. ANYTHING.. something - that's the exact feeling. :sweatdrop:

    Thanks so much for the support.. I am lucky that I am in my 3rd month of marriage and my DH has been really sweet - he had been rolling eyeballs, but have not disowned me yet :graucho:
  7. I know how you feel. I was going to give up after just 3 months of waiting. Magically my birkin showed up 2 weeks ago. I think the best thing to do is just go to H or call your SA all the time. Don't just depend on the list. (that's what I did)

    This is just my guess from my experience. There are a number of bags that's for the list and a number of bags for the sales floor.

    ie. 5 bags for the list (while there are tons of ppl are waiting before you)
    ie. 5 bags for the sales floor

    If you are top of the list you will get your bag soon, if you are not on the top it's faster to get the bags that's on the sales floor. In order to get the bag on the sales floor you just have to try your luck all the time.

    I hope you understand what I am writing, my English is not very good.
  8. Wait...patience is part of it all!!!

    You must play the waiting game and the birkin will find you.

    Good luck coming you way.
  9. I hope you find your dream bag soon, PF! The key is visiting Hermes and one SA as often as you can! it WILL happen!
  10. Your english is perfect, your sharing is totally priceless. I love the Hermes forum the ladies here are superb classy. Way and above classy.
    Thanks so much for sharing that 5 floor vs. 5 list bags.

    I sincerely thank each of the ladies here for sharing your wonderful information. I learnt so much here. Thank you. :flowers:
  11. Patience is something I am trying very hard to learn. My mum will tell you I am the one with the "Ants on the Pants". :roflmfao:

    Yes, I will be patient, I started my H funds and starting to sell my other bags as well. I am on my way ... :shame:
  12. Thank you. I will need to visit the one in Singapore really soon.
    Maybe one of the experience lady can share their kind SA.

    I *will* wait. I will learn patience. Patience is a virture to scoring that perfect Birkin.
  13. Hang in there, PF! I'm waiting to get to mothership to buy my birkins too. I could've bought a kelly where I am (beautiful Havane in swift), but I'm holding on tight. So I know the feeling, gal! But don't give up! When you finally get your bag, the taste is so much sweeter.
  14. Tammy thanks so much for words of encouragement. I love it here. Thank you! I am just so overwhelmed by kindness here :crybaby:I
  15. WSell PrincessFrog, I always say, "Good things come to those who wait." so if you hang in there, maybe by next year 2007 you will have your dream bag :smile: