HERMES** Black/Pink Crocodile Hermes Birkin offered on EBAY is also on Japanese Site!

  1. Hi,

    I am unfamiliar with Hermes** as a reseller on Ebay. Has anyone purchased from her? Or, know of any experiences with her? I noticed, however, that a lot of her birkins are also on the Japanese web sites. I'm not sure if that is a good or bad thing. I'd assume this means she does not have the bag, unless she also owns a shop in Japan. :wtf: Anyhow, her Ebay ad is eBay: WoWSTUNNING Hermes BLACK&PINK CROCODILE BIRKIN 30 BNIB! (item 300047062965 end time Nov-18-06 12:02:49 PST)

    and the Japanese site is:



    Your advice would be highly appreciated. Thanks.:supacool:
  2. I don't really know.

    Either hermes** owns both places or I would stay away.
  3. Wow, excellent sleuthing PPG! I wonder what's going on there...
  4. :yes: I could not agree more. I'm familiar with some of the east asian sellers, particularly in Japan. Her bags are always borrowed from the site, which makes me wonder if she's selling the "perfect" replicas or not. I have heard that some are so exact, it is not so easily noticeable. This is also a problem in Japan, China, obviously...where there are many other sellers/boutiques of birkins beyond going directly to Hermes.:cursing:

    If anyone knows for sure, that would be very helpful.:confused1:
  5. I think ...suspicious! and too expensive to take a chance
  6. Wait...isn't Hermes** on the not recomended ebay list?
  7. Thats not hermes** website. She had a problem with one buyer here on the purse forum. Hermes** lives here in NY (Park Ave.) and works from her home selling Birkins.

    She has good reputation for selling authentic Birkins. Look at her feedback. All her sales are authentic Birkins
  8. that sounds fun- living on Park and selling Birkins for a living. i'd be at Serendipity all day getting fat and turning off my emergency Birkin pager while getting a pedicure at Bergdorf's.
  9. It's not her having a problem with a buyer as opposed to both sides having problems trying to get that bag over to the buyer - the said bag was having so much trouble and drama getting to the there due to various snafu (the bag was not on hand with the seller in that particular scenario). Nonetheless, the matter was resolved when seller refunded the money. Just want to clear that up since it wasn't as though the buyer was the one causing the problem, just an unfortunate situation where it things weren't meant to be, a glitch in the matrix so to speak.

    Anyways, her bags are authentic and she does get amazing bags, I am pretty certain the ones listed are the ones the seller have on hand - so no worries.