Hermes Birkin30 Lizard

  1. I Just wondering if anyone here know about the Birkin 30 Lizard leather exist, because I just saw many Lizard Birkin 25 are selling, never saw about 30cm.
  2. Good question -- maybe it's by SO only?
  3. The little reptiles haven't been growing as big as they'd like, so right now they're only making lizards in 25cm.

    They need to put the lizards on steroids ...
  4. Very funny, kou!
  5. I saw a special order black lizard 30 Birkin with a VIP customer.
  6. ^^ I am very surprised. I was told lizard skins are not big enough for 30cm. Exactly what Kou posted.

    Maybe the owner is puny and the 25cm looks like a 30cm on her? :graucho:
  7. ditto:p :graucho:
  8. I've never seen a Birkin in a bigger size than 25 and was told they don't come bigger. I did see a couple of vintage Kellys in size 28....
  9. I think CDL on eBay has a 35cm black lizard kelly?
  10. That's what I have heard too, just like what Kou and MrsS said, maybe that's why we only seen them on older bags?

    Just like the older bags' (box) leather are much better than current ones... :idea: Fatter Cows then....