Hermes Birkin???

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  1. Please help me authenticate this Hermes Birkin. According to the seller, it is an authentic Hermes Birkin 40cm Orange made of Clemence Leather. I requested for more detailed pictures but she acted like a snob and told me that she is no photographer! and that I should just check it out in person. She was asking for $8500 but said she would settle for $3000 for it. I found the ad on CL. Please help me! Please!!!! I would greatly appreciate your input on this:smile:

    :biggrin: I know they say ... "You get what you pay for..." :Pbut for 3gs...that's way too much for a fake!

  2. It's a 35.
    go to the store and smell the leathers in person first!!!
    See her in person and take a sniff of the leather.
  3. Oh sorry! Yeah it's a 35. I confused it with another ad someone else was selling. Thanks for the advice!:smile:
  4. I see you found the correct hermes thread and have received a response there.
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