Hermes Birkin?

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  1. Would anyone please tell if it's the Birkin that Kate is carrying? If it's not, which brand is it?

  2. A picture or link would help tremendously.
  3. :lol: :lol: :lol:
  4. Sorry about that.

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  5. yeah that's a birkin.
  6. Thanks JJ! I hope I can find one like that to buy...before my 30th birthday.
  7. Birkin
  8. It's definitely a Birkin (in rouge, maybe?)- but what's up with her PANTS?!?!
  9. Hehe - and she has quite a collection. I've also seen her with a white and black.
  10. And what a pretty one in red!
  11. I wonder what size birkin that is? Any thoughts?
  12. She's so tall I bet it's a 35 - it looks like a nice size for her and I would think a 30 would look small on her...
  13. Kate's not that tall.. I've seen a pic of hers holding a 2 tone birkin that looks like it's made from denim. She has so many, I'm green with envy :weird:
  14. I agree with shoes that it's a 35cm. Here's a stupid trick(I'm bored at work)::wacko: Strictly looking at the base and not where it bulges on the sides- a 30 cm would be from the end of my elbow to the base of my thumb and a 35 would be to the end of my middle knuckles. I know we all have different length arms and fingers but you can kind of get a ballpark idea looking at a handbag carried on the forarm like she is carrying it.
  15. Red is always such a look at me color!