Hermes Birkin

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  1. Hi All:
    My 1st posting I hope!! I'm in the process of ordering either a 35 or 40 Birkin....and I really can't decide which would be preferable? Please give me your opinions. :confused1:
  2. Hi and welcome! :welcome:

    We actually have an Hermes Forum, this Newcomer's Forum is only for Introductions.
    I'll move this for you now.

    Good luck!
  3. Go To The Hermes Subforum!!!

    And Welcome To The Pf!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. Welcome!
    I would go for the 35 since it holds a lot and still looks very elegant and ladylike. I think the 40 could be too much of a shlepp bag (for me).
  5. IMO, the 40 would just be too large, unless you carry a computer, etc.
  6. Birkin is very heavy to begin with. 40 can be even heavier with all the stuff in it. I recommend a 35cm. It is classic and is a wonderful 1st bag to have. Go to hermes reference guide in tpf, there are pictures of the different sizes... Good luck.
  7. 40 def.!!!