hermes birkin: why so expensive?

  1. I personally find the birkin a beautiful handbag, but why is it so expensive?! Until I strike gold or oil or some other source of cash, I am NOT about to spend $10 000+ on a purse, especially since I'm a student.

    Could somebody please fill me in as to why these bags are so expensive? I'm familiar with $1000-$2000 handbags, but $13 000?!
  2. Leather, workmanship (they are handmade), etc. You'll get more info in the Hermes forum.
  3. moving to the Hermes Forum since you asked an Hermes questions! . . .
  4. Definitely the handmade craftsmanship, plus the exclusivity. Actually, these bags are so special that of the few that have them, most of those have only a few. With the $1000 handbags, you could have several and get tired of them after a while. With Birkins, you tend to have a few, but they're with you forever, and you can pass them down to future generations. You can also get them maintained so that they're kept from looking too old. With other designer bags, you're pretty much on your own.
  5. :rolleyes: It is all about the quality of the leather. The craftsmanship. Things like that.
  6. There is nothing in this world like Hermes leather quality and craftsmanship. Each bag is handmade and as far as the Birkin is concerned, it takes 1 craftsman roughly 18 hours to make just one bag. As soon as you hold an Hermes bag your hands, you will understand the price.
  7. handmade, quality of leather is very, very different to other designer bags, and of course, exclusivity as well..and last but not the least, its history
  8. Also the service that comes with it and ANY Hermes item. It can be cleaned/refurbished/reconditioned for a small fee for the life of the bag. You are paying not only for the finest leather in the world, but also the service that comes with it. No other label offers this. I have had Chanels, Louis Vuittons and Balenciagas break and the service is DISMAL. With Hermes even if the bag is 30 years old, they take care of you if you have any concerns. It is well worth the price considering that other labels are now charging almost 3K for a bag that is sometimes fabric.
  9. Demand. H can price their bags as such because that's how much people are willing to pay. If the YSL Muse, Balenciaga Lariat, and the Chanel 2.55 are priced at $7,000+, not as many people will buy them.

    Exclusivity. The perpetual Birkin shortage and the collector fad (1 person owning multiple birkins in different color/leather ---> keeping birkins in the hands of fewer people) is a good thing. It keeps the exclusivity alive. Without it, it wouldn't be as desirable.

    After all, it is that much better. That being said, Hermes' leather, workmanship, and after-purchase service are head and shoulders above its closest competitors.
  10. ^^ What uws said! :yes: Excellent answer! :flowers:
  11. 13k? birkins start in the $6,000 range i believe, or $7,000.
    also, this is something you might come to value/understand more in a few decades. younger people wear many things very well, because their youth is their best accessory, while people with much experience wear their individual style and simple, superb quality best.
  12. xoEmily: Go down to a Hermes store and feel the leather. You will be sold. I fell in love with the leathers.. such luxurious leathers (patting my doggon wallet).

    Everything is handstitch, hand cut - no machines. In this day and time, this is rare. The craftmenship, the leather choosen, the colors, the high quality, their service - before and after sales... oh even the air ;)

    Think about it, $3000 x3 = $9000 - so if you don't buy all 3 IT bags, you can afford a Hermes Bag + a wallet.
  13. You are hilarious! :nuts: But i do agree on the last bit!! Just refrain from buying 3 bags and we should be set for a Birkin! :yahoo:

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