Hermes Birkin store in Seoul City

  1. sorry for the blur pic. Was take on my tour coach when it drive pass the store.
    Hermes Birkin.jpg
  2. Nonateo,
    you didn't stop the coach and say "Everybody 15 minute break to strech your legs!!" ??

  3. Nope, I got so exicited:yahoo: and grab my camara to take a shoot before the coach drive off :sad: Im not sure if they are auth tho. As Korea are famous for their A graded fakes.
  4. me either. Even the "H" on the store front doesn't look real:confused1: and I've never seen an Hermes store with a website listed on the store front as well
  5. That looks like a reseller store, not a Hermes Boutique.

  6. So will they take my special order of a full complete set consisting of :
    Fushia Croc Birkin with diamonds + Blue Roi Croc Kelly with diamonds + Vert Anis Croc Bearn with diamonds? :graucho:

    And I am not fussy with the croc, either porosus or nilo is fine :shame:.....
  7. Isn't celebs a reputable Hermes reseller in Korea? I guess they do SOs for customers using their client connections (i.e. those clients who suppy celebs the bags)??? No?
  8. mrssparkles, u're sure they are a reputable Hermes reseller in Korea? I can ask my hubby to get i for me next yr for my 4 in 1 present (Christmas, Valentine's, B'day & Anniversary) :yahoo:
  9. that's way too many birkins for an Hermes store........def. a reseller store.
  10. That is VERY reputable reseller's store in Korea. They are really well known for selling ONLY authentic Hermes...they are like CDL (Createursdeluxe) in USA.:p

    They have off-line store as well as on-line. Of course their price is higher than resellers' price in US since they are in Asia (especially croc. Birkins:push: ). Their croc. 30cm is about $40000USD (for popular color, and about $37000~$38000USD for little bit less popular color) and about >$50000USD for JPG croc. Birkin.:wtf:
  11. Any idea how much is the 35cm in togo leather, orange colour and gold hardware?
  12. I never bought anything from them before. But I heard that togo 35cm is about $14000USD. I also heard that that that reseller(celebs) are kind of firm with their price, but if you buy like 3~4 regular leather Bikins all at once, the MIGHT give you a discount like $1000~$2000USD.