Hermes Birkin Question about stiffness and differences etc.

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  1. About a week ago I posted a link regarding buying a Birkin from Luxwear. I went ahead and paid by wire as requested and my bag arrived this morning. The color is lovely but there are a couple of questions I had about it.

    My husband bought me a 35cm kelly recently that is black togo leather. I was with him when he picked it up at the Hermes store so I know absolutely its authentic.

    My new Cognac Epsom Birkin though its really really nice, however the closure straps are stiff and dont fit into the silver hardware without some effort. Also the top flap doesnt seem to fit over the silver hardwear very easily. Is this normal? Does it lessen with time? Does anyone have experience with this?

    I love love love the bag but I am afraid I will always have a little question mark in my head regarding its authenticity. There are some really small differences on the lock that are not the same as my Kelly, 2 tiny dots on either side of the area where the key entry is, as well as a numerical difference example my Kelly is 0037 and the birkin is 03-06. The "-" is not present in my kelly.

    I know Luxwear is respected here, and posts here or at least reads the posts so I am asking for help validating these differences.

    Im not trying to offend anyone, I respect your opinions since you guys all seem to have much more experience with this than I do.

    Best regards

  2. Jen, I've never heard anything negative about Luxwear as a seller.

    But, there is a world of difference, in my opinion, between Epsom and Togo. Togo, while holding it's shape, is far softer than Epsom. I understand, I believe, about your wanting to pull the flap over the hardware and how difficult that can be.

    It can also be difficult in a soft leather too. Most of of leave the Birkin flap tucked in the back of the bag....for convenience. As for the Epsom getting softer with use, it may do that to some degree, but, one of Epsom's claims to fame is it's stiffness. It was produced to please those of us who like our bags not to slouch and to keep their shape.

    Comparing togo and epsom, to me, is like comparing apples and oranges. They are not the same.

    As for what is on the locks, I'm afraid I cannot help there.... I've never paid any attention to the numbers or markings on the locks.

    Congrats on your beautiful bags, tho, they both sound lovely!
  3. About the markings on the locks, does it say 3-06 under where it says Hermes? If so, at the bottom of the lock, there should be another number of either two digits or three, and this would be the number that corresponds to your keys. If that is the case, then the 3-06 is a date--not a lock number.
    The tiny dots are present in most but not all newer locks and nothing to be concerned about.

    Isus is right on with regard to the differences between Epsom and Clemence. Epsom IS stiff. It will soften a bit over time, but it will never be squishy like Clemence, or even as soft as Togo.

    As for authenticity, though, I really cannot imagine that you have anything at all to be concerned about, buying from LuxWear.
  4. Yes I have never heard a single complaint about luxwear, she has an excellent reputation although her prices are sky high IMO.

    the epsom is one of the stiffest leathers they make. i did have trouble getting my ostrich birkin flap over the hardware but it is brand new too so this does not bother me. congrats on your new purchase!
  5. Just received my new Kelly 32cm in Epsom. It is STIFF!!!!!!! Yes, the flap needs some persuasion as well as the straps going over the turn key. Sus is absolutely right - you can't compare Epsom to Togo. My Clemence JPG Birkin is so soft you could use it for a pillow, but the Epsom that is another story.
    I really love the Epsom in my Kelly because of the rigid feel and the classic look.
  6. I also have trouble getting the top flap over the silver hardware on my VL Birkin-hope that u can relax and enjoy ur new bag! Sounds like a beauty!
  7. Webgerl, what you are describing is normal especially on a birkin made of epsom leather since you have those holes in the flap that goes thru the guide rails for the strap. I have experienced this too with my birkin in vache liegee.
  8. webgerl -i hope you are feeling better about your bag. epsom is VERY stiff. you cannot compare the two. those two dots are present on some locks........
  9. ITA. A new Epsom bag is VERY Stiff. When I opened my Epsom Kelly for the first time it squeaked and actually sounded like a pop! It was fine, just the first time it had ever been opened!

    I generally pinch my fingers over the side together and it squeezes the "batwings" and creates room in the strap to go over the hardware. Nice and tight, no fuss.

    Congrats on the new bag! Please post pics of her!!
  10. Same feeling here, the epsom is really stiff. With new bags it can always be a bit difficult first to pull the flap over the hardware and it is nothing to worry about. I trust Luxwear 100% for authenticity.
  11. ITA with the ladies, LuxWear is a reputable seller so no issue on authenticity.

    Togo and Epsom are 2 different kinds of leather.

    I have an Epsom Birkin and it is very stiff especially on the straps. I have to really pull the straps in order to put them in place. But once you start using the bag, the leather will soften.
  12. Sorry for resurrecting an old thread, I'm new here and have a similar issue, so not sure where to post this.

    I recently got my first birkin, a brand new 35 cm P stamp Etoupe togo from a close friend of mine. She is a loyal customer of H so I have absolutely no doubts about the bag's authenticity. I've looked at all sorts of authenticity guides, the leather feels and smells divine, and it came with her receipt, box, raincoat, etc. However, there are a few things that are bothering me slightly, not sure if anyone else has experienced the same.

    1) The flap is quite difficult to close, I find I have to give it a good tug to get it to fit over the metal guides and turnkey. Also, after opening and closing a few times, the bottom of the turnkey opening on the flap has started to develop a bit of an indent! I haven't started using it yet, the stickers are still on the hardware...

    2) When fully closed, the straps don't seem to lie as flat as other birkins, they're a bit 'wavy'... The straps are also quite a snug fit into the guides, even more so with the dust cover on.

    3) The grains on the clochette are larger than the rest of the bag. I've read however, that togo grains can vary quite significantly?

    4) The stitching on one side of the clochette seems a bit less than perfect.

    5) The date stamp on the strap is not where it usually is and there's a diamond shaped stamp on it as well.

    I understand that birkins are handcrafted and so there are variances, but I'm curious whether anyone else has come across this. I've attached some photos for reference, if anyone could share their experiences I would be very grateful. Thanks a lot! : )
    photo.jpg photo 1.jpg photo 2.jpg photo 3.jpg photo 4.jpg
  13. My comments are only meant to answer your specific questions. Nothing to get conclusions about authenticity. If you need to have your bag authenticated, please consider using a specialized service.
  14. For ease of mind, I suggest getting the bag professionally authenticated. I can never tell a good fake from a real, so this is what I would do in your case.
  15. Authenticity questions belong in the authenticity threads; closing this (very old!) thread.
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