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  1. hello!I want to buy a hermes bag(this one on the pic)please can anyone tell me is it 30 hermes birkin or 35? and what s its exact price???the retail price and is it still avalaible in the stores???thank you.:heart:
  2. Hello!

    Not sure if this is 30 or 35, though it looks like it might be a 35. The price depends on the leather (some skins are more expensive than others) and availability and in which country you buy the bag. A bag like this, say, in Togo leather could easily run US $8,000.

    As for availability, it's really hit or miss with these bags. Sometimes you can walk into a Hermes boutique and find your dream bag; other times you may have to special order, and that is usually after you have invested time and money buying other items and developing a relationship with a Sales Associate.. Oftentimes, Hermes reserves bags like this for its best (read:VIP) clients.

    You can also check with resellers of Hermes items. They may have exactly what you're looking for, but you will likely pay a bit more than you would at Hermes, and, of course, there is no waiting list.

    Good luck ;)

  3. Looks like a 30 will run about $7700 now with the increase and a 35 will be about $83-8400. I was informed yesterday by a friend shopping at H.
  4. Thank you very much for the answers....i have one more question( sorry for so much questions). and what about the black 35 cm birkin with gold hardware the price?availbility? i just read in one thread that for buying a hermes bag you must be a SA(dont know what it is) or a VIP....:crybaby:but i dont have a hermes store in my city and i always wanted a hermes i was planning to go to Paris or Great Britain to buy a birkin for me...but how can i be a VIP or Sa if i dont have a hermes store in my country?:cursing:...please help:crybaby: they wont sell a hermes birkin to me?:tdown:
  5. SA means sales associate and they are the people who work at the Hermes stores assisting customers.
  6. i passed up a birkin 35 in clemence last week. the price was $8950.
  7. I blieve those prices are from before the last price increase in the fall of '08. A 35 Birkin in the basic leatehrs is now $8950.
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