Hermes Birkin or Alligator LV

  1. So I'm waiting to see if my SO request for a black alligator speedy 30 gets approved. I just called LV and there are two other bags the lancelot and the lochness that I like and will consider if the request gets declined. The price of the LV alligators is in the range of a 35cm birkin. Should I get the LV or the Birkin?????
  2. My vote is for the Birkin! You lucky girl!!!
  3. Birkin, I'm no friend of alligators, but I couldn't stand having an alligator purse. :smile: Besides I think a Birkin is more timeless than an alligator bag.
  4. Birkin all the way!
  5. definitely a birkin. it's a timeless classic, and it would stay in style way longer than any alligator LV!
  6. Birkin!!!!
  7. I cetainly love LV, but I'd say go for the Birkin. Its a total classic - you could never regret it.
  8. Birkin! lucky gal!
  9. Birkin!
  10. Birkin, Birkin, Birkin!!
  11. I would go for the birkin. The alligator Lancelot is a few grand more than a togo birkin.
  12. Birkin
  13. I knew that was going to my answer!! But's that's good becasue that exactly what I was thinking!!
  14. The Birkin if you get it in something like Togo will end up costing less than a Lancelot, also the Birkin is more you better go with the Birkin
  15. Birkin without question