Hermes Birkin Grey with Gold Hardware?

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  1. Hello hermes lovers!

    I'm going to buy my first Hermes Birkin 35 soon, and I'm thinking about the colour I want. Well I love grey, and I wear gold jewellery, but my question is:
    Does a hermes birkin grey with gold hardware exist? I've never seen a picture of a grey one with gold hardware, only those horrible knock-offs.

    Please help me :biggrin:
  2. I think Hermes doesn't really produce true Grey.
    I guess it is either etoupe or gris T, but they have brown/beige undertone so it doesn't completely look grey in my opinion...
    I looove grey too and that was why I went for etoupe, but I found it too brown/beige actually..

    But if you can settle with those two colours, yes, you can have gold hardware with it. :smile:

    H Experts will probably chime in to give you more insights, I think. ;)
  3. Thank you Mme CLMdeF :smile:

    I'm just looking for a sort of 'grey' haha, doesn't have to be true grey. But my main concern was: do they exist with GOLD hardware haha.
  4. Graphite looks like gray to me :shrugs: I wear mostly gold jewelry also but I personally would get a gray bag with PH. Just a matter of personal taste of course :smile:
  5. and Ardoise - sp? also looks like gray I think :yes:
  6. I think gray and gold look fine together.
    I love hermes gold hardware.
  7. They do exist with GHW but since the resin is black (on ardoise, gris t and graphite) I think PHW looks better with those colours.
  8. Good point, the resin is also a point to keep in mind.

    I think I like the Gris T the most...
  9. gris t is nice but definitely with palladium h/w,doesn't look nice with gold h/w
  10. I'd have to agree with queenvictoria.........I think it might look better with PHW...........and I'm definitely a GH person! JMO:heart:
  11. yes you can get it
  12. It definitely comes with gold hardware, but like the others have said, the grey variations that Hermes has are cool colors, and tend to look better with PHW. But it is personal preference, really.
  13. I think that ardoise, graphite, gris T all look better with PHW, but I am sure you could get with GHW if that's really what you want. YOU are the one who has to love it!
  14. Attached is a pic of my 35 cm swift etoupe birkin w/ghw. I LOVE THIS BAG!!!

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