Hermes/Birkin Experts Pls Help me!!!

  1. First I will tell you my story. I have only seriously been contemplating a Birkin for the last 6months. I am 26, happily married and have so far bought Chanel, Gucci and LV bags.

    But Im getting over them and want something classy, elegant, timeless and able to use everyday and then pass on to my future children. I hope im not alone in thinking like this!

    We cant afford it just now, as we are in the middle of building our dream house, but Im thinking it will be a good present for my 30th birthday - so 4 years away. Then it will be even more sentimental to me. :yahoo:

    Hubby has said yes, and is so sweet, he really understands my bag obsessions. He has his own expensive obsessions - computers, technology, dvds and phones. LOL :heart:

    So my questions are (and I have a few as Im still a Hermes newbie) so bear with me!!!

    1. I want a bag I can use almost everyday. Which leather type would you recommend and why??

    2. I am tossing up between black or gold/tan/brown. I dont wear alot of black now, I love colour, but Im thinking for the future too. Do you think they are both classic colour? Which would you choose? Oh and with Palladium Hardware.

    3.Im in Australia - should I put myself on the waiting list now? How long do you think it would take??

    Thankyou so much everyone - looking forward to reading your responses. :yes::tup: :heart:
  2. OK, first things first. There are no waiting lists in Australia, so don't go and ask to put your name down!! LOL!!

    What you will need to do is start developing a relationship with that store (I am assuming Melbourne? - PM me for some names if you like), then you will find when you are ready to order your bag, you'll have far less trouble.

    What is your colouring? I like gold as opposed to black, especially in our sunny country, but having lived in Melbourne for 7 years, I know how well black does there! I would suggest togo, but again, it will depend on what leather is on offer when you go in to discuss your order.

    What I would do is, hang out on here, check out all the great pics, and let your heart decide! I think gold is year-round, but I know how some people feel about black! Also, you DO realise, even if hubby disagrees, once you get one bag, it's almost certain you'll find a way to get another!!!!!!!! So yu may end up with both. You've chosen the top two most popular colours, so play it by ear, ad see how you feel when you're closer to 30!

    Time lag - well, if you patronise the store often, and develop a love for the brand, you will most likely be allowed to order a bag, and depending on what you eventually choose, it will take 6 months to 12 months to score!

    Best of Luck. What a darling Hubby! Mine's like that, too.
  3. 1. I would think Togo is a good everyday leather.

    2. Gold is beautiful, chocolate in Togo is tdf.

    3. That I don´t know, go browse in the boutique maybe buy a bracelet/scarf and then ask if there would happen to be any Birkins available.
  4. OH thanks so much for your advice!! How embarrasing - i was going to go to the store and ask to be put on the wait lists.

    So what happens is that you make an order for a bag and basically wait for it to be made/available?

    I will definetly start making an appearance in the store more often - buy some twillys perhaps to get to know the SA better. If I tell the SA that Im interested in buying a Birkin, will they tell me about all the leathers and things to know about the bag?

    My colouring is fair, pale with blonde hair. I love wearing colour, not much of a black person. I guess both the gold/black go with most things.

    Once again, thanks so much!! :heart:
  5. With your colouring, go with the gold.

    If you're in the store often enough, they'll come to know you, and you'll be ordering in no time!
  6. what do you do if you have no interest in buying anything other than a birkin?! how can you build a relationship with a SA?
  7. Then you'd be better off buying from a reputable reseller.
  8. ^ what Mrs S said!
  9. and what GF said that MrsS said.....................yep!
  10. ^^What S'mom, GF, and MrsS said.
  11. LOL! :lol:

    Love you all! :heart::flowers::tender:
  12. we're so loveable.
  13. i would always go the togo leather with the GOLD hardware in 40cm :biggrin::biggrin: it's like my dream how much are the 40cm in australia anyway does anyone know??

    also i saw this pic of mary kate olsen with a birkin bag but i;ve never ever seen a hermes that looks like this (see pic) whay style or brand is it?

    it;s kind of hard to see but it almost see through you can see a bottle or smething???
    weird birkin.jpg
  14. I don't believe that what ms Olsen is carrying has ever been near an Hermes boutique.
    And *how* does she carry that bag? It seems to be carrying itself. She does not appear to be using her hand to hold it?
  15. Liz - this is most definitely not an Hermes bag as Hello says. It appears regularly in the "stars" thread and I believe it is by a designer named Marco Tagliaferri. I would venture to say it is "inspired" by Hermes though.