Hermes Birkin Drought

  1. Is it me or is there really a birkin drought in North America? Are H boutiques stocking up and holding out on us since price increase is just a few weeks away?:confused1:
  2. I was able to snag a couple last week in LI and my SA in NY called me to ask me if I needed anything "special" this week when I go in. So I don't think there's a drought. Also, I believe that Paris is comming off vacation (???) so maybe that's why some stores don't have stock yet.
  3. oh man... how did you get one from the LI boutique? i can never find one, even though i've bought a few bags from there.
  4. Heh I when went into the N.C. Hermes, there couldn't have been more than 16 bags total there on display. Then I passed by LV, and they were swapping out the displays, and when one was moved, it revealed an entire back room completely filled to the brim, shelves overflowing with dustbag covered bags :angel:
  5. No drought I believe. I've been offered by my SA in Beverly Hills and NY with quite a few birkins and kellys within the past few weeks. I know they had a ton of shipment last month during the holiday season!
  6. When were you in the NC store? I just purchased a black birkin 35 w/palladium on Saturday. They had a black with gold hardware, did you see it?
  7. There haven't been many Birkins but lots o' Kellys around here. But I haven't really asked and they are very busy preparing for sale this week in Chicago.
  8. Keep bugging Miriam!! She has a soft heart! Tell her your willing to shop elsewhere if your local store can't help. Also, getting to know the manager will get you in faster. She's a funny lady so keep all conversation on vintage hermes!!!
  9. Ahh then it could've been that Paris thing then. I hear some stores were backlogged... strange it was said, but it was said. I am itching for a birkin before the price increase *scream*!
  10. I probably didn't notice it if they did, because my eyes go to the bags that are bright in color first, like what I believe was a Gao in blue jean and the fuschia-colored bolide :p Hah my mind was so stuck on the bright greens, blues, pinks, and purples that I don't think I noticed anything black :lol: Congratsies on the bag though, so lucky!! ^_^

    Oh and I was there yesterday! :smile:
  11. Can someone please clarify...where is LI....?
  12. Long Island (new York), Manhasset Americana Mall
  13. They are not corporate. When buying something from them and returning it, the credit can't be used in any other Hermes store. They also don't transfer bags or accessories or do charge ship. They run a tight ship there. Not outsiders either. They like to deal with their local crowd.
  14. BH has had birkins? I keep checking SCP maybe I should look at BH store.
  15. as of last saturday, our local store only had i was told. didn't ask what was at the back.........