Hermes Birkin Black swift 30 CM (need you girls' opinion!! )

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  1. hi girls,
    I just received an offer of a Birkins, 30 CM black, in swift leather with silver hardware ...
    but the price on it is over $8000+, a thousand more than the Gold Birkin i got last year.
    Do you girls think this would be a good choice (the swift leather, is it easy to get scratch)? Or should I wait for a more vibrant color for this coming spring?
    I now have a Gold Birkin, and also a Lagoon Kelly bag.

    Thanks for your input!:heart:
  2. The price for a 30 right now is 8250 USD so the price sounds right. Is this a bag you want? It sounds awesome to me and I would buy it but really it needs to be your dream and not mine :upsidedown:
  3. Thank you for your advise ! :smile:
  4. I have a Havane Swift 30cm and I LOVE it! THe leather is wonderful in all different types of weather and those superficial scratches one always seems to get can rub out fairly easily by hand. It's a great leather, IMO. And you can't go wrong with black.
  5. Take it!! if not, please pass it on to the lady looking for a black one before the price increase in the shopping thread.

    TAKE IT!!!!
  6. I think it would be a nice addition to what you already have.
  7. I would only get it if it makes your heart sing!
  8. I think it would give you a diverse collection & its a wonderful combination in a bag.
  9. Sounds like you like black, but not sure on the leather. I have a 30cm birkin in swift and I find it scratches easily. I like swift in the smaller bags only. I also like more structure and don't like it when the handles stretch with the softer leathers. All that being said, swift is the nicest leather to the touch by a LONG shot. I would advise that you pass on this bag. When you see a bag come out of the box, you know at first glance whether you love it or not. Good luck!
  10. ^^I feel similarly....
  11. Is it a new bag?
    I love swift and really hope to get anotherone one day!:heart:
  12. hi, thank you all for the inputs !! :smile: I went to the store yesterday and take a look at it, probably because of its material, the bag looks a bit small, but it's really cute !

    costa, yes this is a brand new bag
  13. I've only seen one swift Birkin in 30cm and i loved it. its a gorgeous leather. But you have to do whats right for you.
  14. :yes:
  15. this is my personal opinion, i would love to have birkin 30 only in bright colors...not black..and if i have to take black, i would take black with gold hw...somehow black with palladium hw never sing a song to me...
    but most have to buy a bag that sing to your heart...remember that this is quite a big decision =) goodluck! ow and i love love love swift...just have to be a lil bit more careful =)