Hermes Birkin Black Chevre 30 or Hermes Birkin Togo Bleu de Prusse 35?

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  1. Hi !!! I am at a loss and cannot decide should I get a Hermes Birkin Black Chevre 30 or Hermes Birkin Togo Bleu de Prusse 35. Can someone help ? Thank you in advance
  2. Hi! Is this your first bag, or do you have one of those colors already? If this is your first bag, I would get the color that goes with most of your clothes. Also, how much do you plan to put in the bag? If you always take lots of things with you, I would go for the size 35.
  3. If thiis your first Birkin, the 35 for sure. :happydance:
  4. black chevre! - that's just one of my favorite color/leather combinations. I have two black chevre kellies (25 and 35mm) and it matches everything I own, is incredibly durable, and manages to look polished.
  5. Hi

    This is not my first bag. Currently I have a Hermes Birkin Rouge Garrance Togo 35 and a Hermes Shoulder Birkin Clemence Etoupe 42. My wardrobe consists mostly of darker colours and I stuff most of my things in a bag organiser of dimension 27cm(L) x 15cm (H) x 10 cm(B). I like both colours but concern that 30 might be a bit small but find 35 heavy. Really in a dilema.
  6. I vote for the black chevre :love:
  7. chevre!
  8. 35cm bdp in a heart bit! No doubt!
  9. How about a 35 black chevre? then you get the larger bag but in the lighter skin.
  10. chevre(any size) ;)
  11. black for sure!
  12. You have the goldilocks syndrome. Wait for one that is just right.
  13. I'd always go for the chevre!
  14. What Chevre is it? I love Chevre! However I personally would go for the 35cm in blk though
  15. Togo Bleu de Prusse Birkin!!!! I would purchase an H clutch in black. Have fun choosing.