Hermes Birkin Bags in Hong Kong

  1. Hi Ladies! I've been based in Hong Kong for almost a year now & I must say every bag fanatic would certainly enjoy this city. They have all the "it" bags available...particularly Birkins. Not from the Hermes shops though...but from those small shops called "Paris Station", "Milan Station" & "VIP Station". They sell second hand & brand new bags from Chloe, LV, Gucci to Hermes. At first I thought they're "knock offs" but they actually have the Hong Kong Tourism seal that certifies them as seller of authentic brands. So far, I have bought my first Balenciaga bag here.

    These shops I've mentioned have all the "it" colors, sizes & exotic leathers of Birkins!!! It makes me wonder how they got it when most of us waited 2 years just to get 1. I also found out that the price of the Birkins is 20% more than the retail price. So, for those of you who simply cant wait to get your hands on a Birkin bag & want to shell out 20% more of the retail price just plan your next vacation/holiday in Hong Kong.

    I'll post the photos of the shops mentioned tomorrow.


    P.S. Anyone out there know how these shops manage to get all these Birkins???
  2. interesting.. cant wait to see the pictures.
  3. Thanks for the shopping tips, will look out for such shops in future trips to HK.
  4. How are the prices for the Hermes bags at those places?
  5. Heya Kou:
    I featured the Milan and Paris Stations in HK (resale shops for hermes birkins) in my blog. Anyway, the pricing for their birkins vary--
    the bluejean birkin 30cm for instance, is much more expensive than a marron fonce birkin in 35cm. It all depends on the demand for the color. Black, bluejean are the more expensive ones-- starting price for a bluejean 35cm birkin is already about $9,900! insane prices but the tourists especially the japanese (this was accdg to the manager of the stores), still end up buying :smile: hope that helps!
  6. Thanks Tresor!:flowers: Good thing I'm not a huge blue jean fan except when it's in exotics ... So you really can find just about every variation in those locations? I'm probably going to have to make a trip to Hongkong sometime soon to get some things taken care of ... If I have time I'd definitely like to browse those places.
  7. Please do let me know, because DH is going to hong kong in October!
  8. Wah, any chance that you and your DH would go late next year? The soonest I can go to HK is going to be late next year
  9. colors i last saw:
    chartreuse, vert anis, blue jean, vermillon, marron fonce, rouge H, gold, black (although in HAC), potiron, orange, indigo, then the exotics-- purple 25cm croc, orange 30cm croc, 30cm emerald green croc, black croc; jpg in white and in chartreuse
  10. Thanks Tresor! Wow, that is a nice colorful variety of bags. Emerald green croc and purple croc? That sounds gorgeous!
  11. Hello, hysteric. I'm from HK too.
  12. Awesome! Looks like we have quite a few HK-ers on this forum :yahoo:
  13. ive been on a hunt for a birkin. ill be in Hong Kong end this year, it'll be fantastic if i can actually get my hands on one :smile:)
  14. I'll be going to HK next month. There will be a huge jewellery expo that my mom and her friends want to visit. I just tag along with them, LOL.
    I will def try to visit those resale shops mentioned above, altho I dont dream of buying a birkin from them, I know their prices will be crazy! BUT, I dont know if suddenly a rouge h chamonix or raisin box calf birkin (or better yet, a vibrato 30 birkin) magically appear in front of me at one of those shops.. then I wont know what to do!
  15. It makes me wonder how they do get all their bags. I would love to see like a 20/20 story done on this topic. Hee hee. NOt that anyone else would, but I would.