Hermes Birkin Bag Sells For $64,800 At Doyle New York's

  1. This one is such a great price it's amazing!:nuts:

    No idea why the first one would sell for $64.8K though. :sweatdrop:
    cocoan croc.jpg
  2. :shrugs: That's what I thought as well
  3. I think it sold so high because the hardware had diamonds on it. Even though it was done aftermarket, I guess it adds to the value of the bag.
  4. Wow, that's great to see.
    Thanks Birkin101!!!
  5. Has anybody seen this bag yet? It is said to be a sister to Birkin - Hermes Lindy.
    hermeslindy.jpg pinklindy.jpg
  6. ^^ Yes, there are already several threads about it ;)
  7. Yes, in my Hermes store, they got two in about 4 weeks ago. They have the medium size and it's quite roomy. It's beautiful; really unusual shape. When it's full, it's a perfect box with the birkin straps. When it's slightly empty, it collapses into a kind of folded old-fashioned doctor's bag. It was named after Charles Lindbergh.
  8. Something new 4 me 2 learn. Thank u.:smile:

  9. :nuts: Thank you for this nugget of information! Off to google to find out more! :shame:
  10. wow!! :yes: