Hermes Birkin Bag 911

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  1. EMERGENCY! Someone please help me. I am about to purchase my 1st Hermes Birkin bag. I am a little leary because I am purchasing it from an associate of mine. When I say the bag is beautiful I mean that words can't describe it. This makes me wonder why she would let it go. I don't have much knowledge about the Hermes Birkin. I have looked at different posts but none really helped me with information about this specific bag. I figured I would ask those who know best. Now, it is a Hermes white ostrich Birkin bag with gold hardware. Please give me any and all information you have on this particular bag. How much money do you feel it is worth? What year stamp should be on it? Was a Birkin of this color even made? Any additional information would also be greatly appreciated. She has given me a limited amount of time to buy the bag from her because someone else wants also. Please respond A.S.A.P. Thank you so much.:sos: :sos: :sos:
  2. Does Hermes make white ostrich?

    Show us some photos first. A friend is not much of a friend if she gives you a time pressure. I'd pass.
  3. Not a friend an associate. She is someone I know. I made a comment on the bag awhile ago and when I saw her recently she mentioned that she was going to sell it. I don't really want to pass if the bag is in fact authentic. I had her email me the pic. How do I insert the image?
  4. I just checked Grands Fonds' sample colour chart and there is Blanc (white) ostrich!

    Do you have more close up pictures of this bag? This picture is too blur. Close up of the interiors etc. This thread might well become a birkin authentication one.
  5. Delightful.......unless you can get some closeup shots of the front, the inside straps and the interior, I'd pass on this bag. As is, this bag does not look good to me.
  6. ^I'm with Shopmom on this one. And Mrs S is correct, H does do white ostrich, but I've not seen it for a long time.
  7. ^Me three. The ostrich looks too bumpy for an H bag. Their ostrich is usually nice and smooth, like they ironed it.
  8. It might be best to post it in the Authentication thread.

    But it does look overly bumpy to me. Strap holes also look tight for the straps but that could be just the picture.
  9. next.....
  10. I have attached a pic of my ostrich birkin. The bumps should be more spaced out and yes, less "bumpy". The surface on the bag is actually almost flat.

    While the color is beautiful, I would most likely give this one a pass :sad:
  11. ^ I agree. I will pass this.
  12. I looked at mine and I agree with you allaboutbags!
  13. Have you asked her where the bag was purcahsed? Does she have the original receipt? Since it is used, perhaps go with her to H and ask for a spa treatment on the bag. This will put the bag "out of commission" for a little while but will let you know for sure that it is real. With a purchase that is so expensive, it is not worth it to have any doubt.

    If it were me, I'd be constantly worrying if it were real or not. You need to make sure beyond a reasonable doubt, so you can enjoy the bag!
  14. eeks the white ostrich looks like it had too many goosebumps on it! i wouldn't buy it.
  15. That one hell of a weird looking birkin, pass!!
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