Hermes Birkin Baby Pink Croc- Fact/fiction?

  1. A Hermes Birkin In baby pink croc. Is it true? Does she exist? Please someone post a pic. I need to see for myself. Fact or Fiction? :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
  2. It depends on your definition of Baby Pink. There is Rose Indienne, which is a delightful candy pink, the best pink Hermes does, in my opinion.
    I have seen very pale pink croc Bags (as in Rose Dragee pale) in the Japanese catalogues, but not all of those bags are authentic. I have also heard they 'trial' colours on the Japanese market, first, so perhaps that's where these bags come from. All I know for sure is the paler the colour, the harder it is to do in croc skin. I'm becoming a but of an expert in pale croc colours, in my seemingly difficult quest for a beige-rose Kelly!
  3. Beige rose Kelly - :drool:
  4. I believe it's called baby rose.
  5. beige-rose seem really close to Poudre? No??
  6. I wonder if this was the color I saw in Paris early March. I thought it was fushica but it best could be described as candy pink. Had diamonds on it. It was a 25, yes it was darling! Sold in about 4 days.
  7. HJ - Beige rose is really beige, with a very slight hint of pink to the tone. Very slight. In fact, I listed it in the ref section under "browns" because it belongs in the tan/gold/beige colour family, but brown was the closest choice. Poudre is a very pale grey. Paler than gris touterelle. I don't think they're at all similar, but people get them confused on here all the time, so perhaps to some, they are?

    There's pics of both in the ref. section.
  8. I have only seen it as a sample leather in the leather book. I think it is more beige than pink. But maybe there are other country/markets that make it available as a true pink. In Hot pink or fushia I saw one in Paris.
  9. CNC, you should post a picture of it for us to see so we can help ID the color. Hard to say what color it is without seeing it.