Hermes Birkin 35 in black box calf - decision made!

  1. Hello everybody :smile:

    I was thinking about buying a Birkin bag for some time but didn't have enough courage to make a decision to finally do it. I was thinking " I love Birkin bags and I will buy one one day but not now, maybe later." :angel: Then I realized that now is the best time for me to invest in this bag because I am in my very early thirties, so now is the time I should enjoy my life most.
    So - the decision is made :wlae:.

    I know which Birkin I want to start with - black 35 in box with GHW. I like this smooth and shiny leather!

    In the ideal world I would love to buy my first Birkin in Paris but it would be too complicated logistically because I live in UK. So the best place to buy it in UK must be Harrods.

    I called Harrods 2 days ago and talked to a nice lady who told me that I should call them in the beginning of February to get a date when I should come to Harrods in person to place the order. She said the bag I want would cost from £3000 to £3900 but they couldn't give me any more details via phone and I would have to wait for if from 6-12 months. I don't mind waiting, I still have other bags to carry :jammin:

    So this is what I ma going to do. Give them a call, go there, place an order and wait. Is it really that simple? Or there is something that may go wrong. Please advise. :flowers:

    So wish me luck and I will keep you updated

    All the best

    Prada shoes :girlsigh:
  2. Super! I wish you luck. It's a beautiful Birkin. I love mine. It really developes a great patina over time. It's does well with spa treatments every so often. I have mine a very long time.
  3. That's a wonderful choice!! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you!!
  4. Congrats. Perfect, classic choice. You will love it for years and years
  5. That is a perfect first birkin, just like the one that belongs to our fromparis, truly beautiful & classic, everytime I see it I :drool::drool::drool:! I would love to have one too someday.:yes: Good luck with your order & please show us when you receive her!
  6. Congrats !!! IMO : Perfect choice on a first Birkin !!!
    And if you look at my thread in my'll know I really mean it ;) ...
  7. It is me again :smile:

    I've got a question - did any of you have ever tried to waterproof box leather? I read that it can be "stained" with rain. I have something like a dubbin or wax that I put on all my leather goods - it smells great and protects the leather. I dont remember the brand (apart from that it is in a white plastic box :confused1: ) but I will check and come back to you later.

    All the best

    Prada shoes :girlsigh:
  8. I have already read your story and seen "striptease-like" pictures of your bag which I showed to my H2B so he could see exactly what bag I am going to have. :yahoo:He said it was beautiful and that I should definitely have it and now I've got his full support.

    One bag and soo much joy! :yahoo:

    All the best

    Prada shoes
  9. I use Meltonian shoe polish in natural, I think in the UK you can get John Loeb (spelling?) shoe polish (in neutral), John Loeb is owned by Hermes.
    I have no problem with box and rain (I don't take it when it pours of course but a slight drizzle just pearls off) but make sure you ask your SA what to do. The trick is to not put too much on the bag and not too often. You will probably be advised to put nothing on at all.
    And Congrats !!!! on your choice! It's EXCELLENT!
  10. Fabulous choice. I hope you dont have to wait too long!
  11. Congrats- good choice! :tup: And you might get much nicer service at Harrods than in the actual H boutiques..!
  12. Beautiful choice! Black box with gold hardware was my first birkin purchase...16 years ago. It's still my favorite!
  13. Great choice!!