Hermes Birkin 30 or Hermes Kelly 32

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  1. Hello ladies, which one do you think is a better choice?
  2. i prefer b30
  3. Do you like a tote or a "handbag"? Is a shoulder strap important (Kelly only) or are you ok carrying your bag handheld or in the crook of your arm? With a 30B you are not hands-free -important for kids, travel, etc.
    I love both but if I had to choose I'd be a Kelly girl. I also think the Kelly looks good in 32 but the B looks a bit shrunken in 30. Just MVHO!!
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  4. Thank you! Agree I think B30 looks a little shrunken especially that I'm 5'7". If handheld the K32 looks more proportional on me than the B30. Weird size difference is really small but the total look makes a whole lot of difference as well. I already have a Birkin in 35 (black) and a Kelly in 32 (gold). Between the 2 I love the Kelly more but I prefer using Birkin (maybe because it's a fuss free open bag). I want to have another color (hopefully pop of color this time like electric blue or ultra violet) that's why I'm condsidering the B30 for another size option or K32 which I love. I'm still torned!
  5. I'm not sure if B30 is going to be good size for me.
  6. I am about the same height as you. I like both bags and B30 holds more than K32. Agree that handheld, K32 looks more proportionate. Happy deciding!
  7. I came across this dilemma when I was saving up for my first Hermes. I ended up getting a K32 because
    1. I loved the look more than the B30 and if this were to be my ONLY H bag, the K32 would be it
    2. The shoulder strap! I get really tired of handheld bags and because I ALMOST ALWAYS have my hyper dog with me it makes like a lot easier

    However, I do want to own a B30 one day. I personally love the Birkins in pop colors and the Kellys in muted/feminine colors. Good luck deciding!
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  8. This is perfect advice.
  9. love the hands free option of the kelly, love the chic look of the birkin.
  10. Kelly 32 for the hands-free option.
  11. Kelly!!!
  12. I had the same dilemma not long ago. I already own a b35 and a k32. I also own a GP and that's 36... I clearly like bigger bags but I am short!! 5'2"

    So I wanted to try a B30 and it was absolutely gorgeous, blue electric Togo with palladium... Just beautiful and it fit my frame so well. And I knew the size was right because my K32 is amazing... But then I did think of this: I really like the Kelly, I like to wear it crossbody with my Evelyne strap and I like to have that option because I have a toddler and because I like to take my bag for international travel. So a B would be beautiful but I would use the K so much more.

    So if you are planning on having just ONE bag I would go for the K

    I ended up passing on the B30 and decided I want a second K32 instead. It would get so much love during trips and I travel a lot.
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  13. Thanks for this thread - while I am far away from this decision, it is something that I contemplate a lot when I think of H bags. I constantly sway between Kelly 28, Kelly 32 and Birkin 30. I think if I were to get a chanel classic flap it would make the Kelly 28 redundant so then it would be between K 32 and B 30.
    The Kelly would be an allround bag (work and family) while the Birkin would be strictly a work tote. I am about to have my fifth child so hand-carry is impossible when I am out and about with the kids. not sure how useful the Birkin would be given that I ALWAYS carry my laptop with me and I have GP for that purpose already.

    looking forward what decision you will make - but I think if one needs a shoulder strap the Kelly is the best choice.
  14. Great advice & the B30 works in a pop color...
  15. I just had this a similar dilema mine was
    Hermes 35 Togo in Iris
    Or A Barenia fauv tan 32 Kelly

    I nearly went for the Kelly as its always been my dream bag and I've always preferred it over the Birkin for some reason but I bought the Birkin as it was a once in a lifetime opportunity for me.
    The high status and the colour attracted me more and more.

    The 35 is the perfect size imo I'm skinny build size 12. I was amazed and blown over when it finally arrived.

    Not sure on Hermes sizing though.

    Birkin is a casual bag that has very high status in today's day and age handheld only though so that's the downfall for some.

    Kelly is a timeless classic very smart looking bag. Hands free option would have been better for me but as I have a Mulberry Kelly so I changed my mind and don't regret it one bit now.

    I think in your dilema you should weigh up the pros and cons of both and what you really need in your collection.
    If mine was a 30 it would be too small for me. Your a lot taller than me.
    Maybe the Kelly would be a better option for you.
    Good luck deciding
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