Hermes birkin 25cm

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  1. Is it easy to find in the H stores for non-exotic?thanks:yes:
  2. There was one in the Bond Street store on Thursday in turquoise swift
  3. thanks for letting me know:smile:
  4. There is one in my store right now in Blue Jean swift with PH, white contrasting stitching... and oh so cute...
  5. Birkin123, do u know how much is it?
  6. It's not as common of a size.... search, since there are a few threads about 25cm birkins..

  7. Yes... it is $6825.00 Canadian.... which is not bad considering the 30 cm Birkin in Canada is about $8300.00.
  8. Have to say I was suprised at the price of the 25 I saw, not too bad all things considered...
  9. I'm going to check my H stores if they have this size. thanks guys:smile:
  10. I so love these, I actually collect them.... they are not as common as the 30's & 35's but if you ask sometimes they have them in stock & you can request them
  11. I :heart: the Birkin 25, but in a stiff leather ( or exotic !!!)...
  12. What can you fit in a 25"...?
  13. i like 25cm~~ i think they are nicey and cute~
  14. i'm tempted to get birkin 25. It looks cute on the pics (some TPF's modelling pics).
  15. love love love the 25cm birkins, especially in bright jewel colors and exotic leathers