Hermes Bike Chic

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  1. I really didn't know where to put this picture so I started a thread. I hope it hasn't been posted already, I have been away for a while. I was catching up one of my favorite blogs today, Copenhagen Cycle Chic, and saw this lovely picture and thought I would share it with you. I just love it, the Hermes scarf on her head and the bag in her basket (I wonder what she bought). She may even have a Kelly, Bolide or Birkin in that tote. I wish I looked half as chic on my bike. I think I may have to try a scarf next time I take my bike to the library.
  2. diangrace, you will loook just as chic on your bike wearing your Hermes scarf:tup::yes:
    Thank you for sharing. The lady is lovely!
  3. Love this picture, dianagrace!!! You are right, there are definitely two handles peeking out of the top of that canvas bag....bolide is my guess!! (my mouse has a "magnifying glass" feature.)

  4. She certainly looks chic on that bike. Love the picture. Thanks for sharing. :flowers:

  5. That is fabulous!
  6. This has got to be one of my favorite photos---her canvas tote looks exactly like an LL Bean boat tote....I love her....great example of practical chic.
  7. love this picture...thanks for sharing =)
  8. Now that is Hermes in Action!!!
  9. Boy, I sure don't look that chic when I ride my bike on errands! Clearly, I need to somehow up my Hermes chic-factor!
  10. I love this photo!
  11. Oh how I wish I lived in a cycling city! Charming picture.
  12. u got it..:tup:
  13. very cute pic :smile: thanks for sharing.
  14. Love it !! And her bike is Hermes Orange!

    I agree Orchids that the bag must L.L.Bean.
  15. I love this quote from the blog:

    "normal bike culture doesn't involve lycra, expensive gear and fancy bikes."

    The European are so sensible!