Hermes Beverly Hills- WOW!

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  1. today i visited the hermes store on rodeo drive. the SA who helped me, camille, was wonderful. we had such fun! they had a fair bag selection, but apparently nothing "in the back"... i overheard an obvious VIP say to another SA she was stopping in to see what they had, and everything he mentioned was on display.

    i bought a few small things, but thoroughly enjoyed the visit! Camille was not "snooty" at all, even though i was a visitor to the area. the store itself is gorgeous as well.

    if you are near their store, check it out!
  2. My first Hermes visit was at that store. My SA was amazing! She was very helpful and not snooty at all. It was a very pleasant experience. :smile:
  3. I am so glad to hear you had a pleasant experience.
  4. I picked up a watch band there a few years ago and had a blast there.
    I'm very glad they were nice to you.
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