Hermes...Best Day Ever... REVEAL!!

  1. Honestly, mp4 sometimes
    I think we are all so obsessed with these bags we can guess from the box size
  2. Congrats!!!! I got a RC Kelly too, just without the candy part! :p:p

    Enjoy her in good health!! :drinkup:
  3. Oh dang, she is gorrrrr geousssssss!! Congratulations!!
  4. congrats!!! gorgeous candy..
  5. Congrats ! Beautiful
    !!! :smile:
  6. RC is such a beautiful and striking true red, your RC kelly is such an elegant lady!

  7. Thanks you everyone. It is much harder to post a reveal on the forum than I realized.
    Really appreciate getting to share. This was such a wonderful offer from my SA.
    I think no matter what I do or don't get in the future I am very happy with Hermes!!!!!!!
  8. Such a beautiful color!!!!
  9. thanks for sharing your joy. A great bag for your collection.
  10. That is a gorgeous Kelly!! Congratulations!! :tup::tup:
  11. congratulations on the candy kelly
  12. Mega congrats!!!! RC/BT is totally fab!!!!
  13. Sooooo gorgeous! I love the BT inside too. Good for you - enjoy it!
  14. Fabulous color! This is such a beautiful Kelly. Enjoy your new baby!
  15. Thanks everyone!!!!
    FYI --it is a size 28 and the hardware is perma brass---something between PHW and GHW IMO. That is the way I visualize the hardware because my SA knows I am a PHW girl!