Hermes Belts

  1. I bought my husband a lovely reversible black/brown classic Hermes belt which he loves, now I am after one for our daughter. Our last name starts with an "H", so they make sense for us. While I will probably get her one from the NYC store for Christmas, I can not help but wonder if any ever get sold for less as they have become so expensive lately:confused1::confused1:. Even Chanel shows up in certain outlets.

    What about the ones that show up on eBay? Some do look as real as the one I gave my husband. How can I tell from photographs, some of which are not so good? Has anyone gotten a real belt from there? Or would it be foolish to try? Thanks.
  2. Have you tried Luxury-Zurich? They have lots of belts in stock (at good prices) and I trust that they're authentic.