Hermes Belts

  1. Hi Girls,
    My husbands's birthday is coming up in May and I was thinking of purchasing matching Hermes belts for us (i cant forget to gift myself as well :graucho: )...I was wondering though, how much I should expect to pay? More importantly, do you all think this is a good idea? Any help would be appreciated as I am stumped as to what to get him!

    Thanks in advance for your responses :yes:
  2. Belts are around $4-500. The belts are lovely. I have not got a belt for DH yet, he usually gets a tie (more funds for me:graucho: ).
  3. The Constance was I think $480 and the mini-Constance $415, in "regular" leathers, when I checked last week.
  4. The 5382 (H Belt) is $480 in Box/Togo
  5. I think matching belts is a wonderful way to make a memorable birthday gift. Go for it! They are fabby and it is like 2 for the price of 1 since they are reversable.
  6. I think Hermes belts are great, but please don't buy exactly the same for both of you, in the name of fashion. It will look like those couples who dress up in same coloured outfits and that's not even cute. A slightly different bucle and perhaps a different leather would be nice though.
  7. Also, be sure he'd like to wear an "H" -- some guys aren't into that. Also they do make belts that don't have the H. Good luck!