Hermes Belts at Neimans??

  1. Does anyone know which NM boutiques would carry Hermes belts or would there be any other department stores that have them.
    Would the Hermes boutique ship small leather goods. TIA
  2. N-M in Troy, Michigan certainly has them. I can't speak for any other store though.
  3. Ladyzee, the NM in Palo Alto, CA carries belts. I'm sure they'd ship them. Hermes boutiques usually ships small leather goods, too.
  4. Thank you both for the information, I'll give those locations a try.
  5. Ladyzee.....the H boutique inside Palo Alto NM was where I bought my Constance reversible belt. They should ship.....actually, I'm pretty sure they do....
  6. Thanks, I'll give that location a call!
  7. Hi shopmom411, would you happen to have a picture of your belt? I am thinking of getting a mini Constance I would love to see pics, many thanks!
  8. I am too fat for a belt!

    My last baby killed me. I am actually thinking about going on a diet now...maybe an H belt would be my reward.
  9. Kellybag having a baby is the most wonderful reason, you are blessed!
  10. That was really sweet and my little girl is amazing! I am blessed. The H belt can wait...however, I keep picturing LaVan's and my head spins.