Hermes belt

  1. Hi everyone! Im planning to have my first hermes purchase and im interested with the leather belt with H buckle. Anyone of you hermes ladies can advise me the price? Thanks!:confused1:
  2. About $450 unless you get an exotic.
  3. Great price! The belts I've bought were always over $700:sad:
  4. Hi All,
    Looking to buy the 42mm buckle and belt for my wife..
    Does anyone know the current prices in the USA? Only seem to have the belt and cant locate the buckle..

    Will be traveling from AUS to US in the next few months..

  5. The 32 mm H belt (non exotic, standard buckle) is about US $670 I believe. The 42 mm (I think they call it the Constance belt) retails for about $1100.
  6. non exotic ones are just over $700 after tax (CA).