hermes Beige Rose Plume 28


Feb 3, 2010
This is a boxcalf plume in the color Beige-Rose with GHW.


I called TRR and asked them to retake the photographs because they did not truly reflect the state of the bag, so they just changed the status of the bag to "not available". In a few days it should be back online again.
Photographs are difficult because the boxcalf has a nice patina and is shiny, and the flash from TRR studio reflects off of it making it look discolored in the main body of the bag -- but the bag is NOT discolored throughout the main body of the bag. The handles and corners have a bit of discoloration, as it typical with use. Here are some photos I took of the bag when it was in my possession before sending it to TRR: DSC_0568 2.jpg DSC_0578.jpg DSC_0577 3.jpg
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