Hermes Bearn walllet - Please help me decide!

  1. hi all,
    i LOVE the new bearn wallets with the gusset (not to shove my wad of cash but just cause its so much easier to reach inside to get the notes)! anyway, please offer me some advice. i can't decide between the hermes rouge with silver H or hermes gold with gold H. and it was around USD1,000 for calf leather (not the smooth leather but i believe its what you call a togo(?) leather). if you have any other suggestions, please tell me too!
    and anyone from HK? do you know if its cheaper there cause i'll be going there in a month.
    Thank you!!!
  2. I don't think it will be cheaper in Hong Kong, I think Hermes is more expensive in Asia. I would pick the Rouge H with Palladium but I like color in my accessories.
  3. i would choose the rouge H also!
  4. Rouge H for SURE! I think Hermes accessories should be in COLOR! They are beautiful sitting inside your bag!!!!
  5. Do you know if rouge comes in all leather types? ie. smooth calf leather, togo leather, goat skin, and buffalo?
    and thanks for all your advice. its a vote of confidence!!!
  6. I would choose rouge H, but I'd try to get Chevre mysore. It's so durable and I'd really appreciate that in a wallet.
    Good luck - love the Bearns!!
  7. i know chevre is goat skin. but what is mysore? sorry for asking a dumb question...

  8. Yes, please don't try to get your Bearn wallet from Asia. It's about USD500 more. (if my memory does not fail me)
  9. i say go for the gold. rouge H looks better w/ GH IMO!
  10. gold here, too! AND I agree with GT...mysore is lovely!!!!!
  11. I would choose rouge H but in chevre.

    1000 US seems cheap for the Bearn wallet in your store.
  12. I'd choose Rouge H, too!

    Mysore is just short for Chevre Mysore, the kind of goatskin that Hermes uses on many small accessories. It's beautiful and durable.
  13. I agree!:yes: