Hermes bearn ostrich

  1. anyone knows the colors available for hermes bearn ostrich?
  2. I would assume any of the colors that the bags come in the ostrich - the greens/blues/reds/ and neutrals like cognac/brown/ -- looking for any particular color? I love ostrich!
  3. is it odd that i love ostrich more than croc? (kinder to the bank acc. too!)

    i'm looking for the vert anis/ fuchsia/ blue jean... those colors are TDF!
  4. ^ No! I love ostrich more than croc too.
  5. out of the three colors i mentioned, which one do u think is most versatile? i can't decide between the three... :push:
  6. I never seen bearn in BJ. Does it exist?? I have bearn in ostrich fuchsia, its gorgeous.
  7. i've never seen it either, i just assumed that it exists.. can anyone help?
  8. fuchsia! now i have another color to consider... do you mind showing me a picture of it?
  9. I would get anyone! Not sure whether it comes in BJ though. Can always check with your store. :smile:
  10. Mandarine (orange) ostrich bearn is VERY pretty~!
  11. Me too! :p
  12. yes yes, I love Ostrich too:heart: :drool: . Croc is so SUPERIOR, unreacheable for me :sweatdrop: :push:

    Oh, those colors you mentioned, I love them all :yahoo: I love rainbow colors!!!

    Since you have a BJ croc, perhaps you would like to have a color that has contrasting effect? vert anis/ fuchsia/Orange/Rose shocking


  13. All of the colors sound gorgeous! Don't think you could make a bad decision.
  14. Does anyone know the current retail?
  15. I love ostrich and lately lizard :biggrin: Croc -- I not there yet.
    So into Fushcia right now...