Hermes Bearn Mysore wallet - questions

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  1. I have a turquoise too and i love it.
  2. Turquoise is a gorgeous color. I think it's one of Hermes' very best colors!!
  3. Do any of the Bearn leathers come in Raisin? If so, which leathers?
  4. I have a chevre Bearn and I love it. The SA might warn you about soft leathers on wallets though!
  5. The Bearn looks great in Vert Anis and orange.
  6. i want a violet one!
  7. Does anyone know the difference between a Bearn bi-fold and a Bearn Soufflet? I saw this one mentioned on the Wallet catalog that was recently posted.
  8. i have it in chevre mysore VERMILLION !!!

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  9. Raisin Box
    Raisin Chevre
    Raisin Ostrich

    ... these are what I can think of now ...
  10. Very nice, gem!
  11. I personally prefer my wallets and accessories in mysore. I have bearns, kelly wallets, agendas, karos, key cases and clarrisses in the following colors:
    - rouge vif
    - violet
    - vert anis
    - turquoise
    - orange
    - rouge h
    - rose shocking
    - vert amande
    - framboise

    I have also seen it in gold, black and noisette.

    I personally like mysores in bright colors. For some reason, they tend to look brighter.
  12. Good lord, woman! You have THREE rainbows in your bag!!! Send your overflow to ME!!!
  13. The bearn soufflet has a gusset that allows you to fit in more paper money/receipts - and is especially handy if you travel abroad and tend to carry more than one currency at a time.
  14. Thanks, gina_b! I appreciate your answer about the Bearn Soufflet. I wonder how hard it is to get one of these? Irrelevant question as I have no money for such at this time!!! The AmEx bill with the Thanksgiving Kelly just arrived!