Hermes Bearn Mysore wallet - questions

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  1. does anyone know all the colours that Hermes offers for the Bearn Mysore wallet? Also, which color do you like best for the waller?
  2. I know you can get Potiron, violet, black, several shades of brown, Rouge Hermes and Rouge Vif for sure. I'm certain there are more.
    Although I love Hermes brights, I want a dark brown (Cocoan, Havane, Cognac, Ebene) or black for my wallet to help mask the dirt. :smile:
  3. When I was at the store last week, they had:
    blue jean
    pinkish purple (there's an official name to this)
    light green
    ... they were sold out on orange.

    I personally prefer purple :smile: I have one.
  4. You get much better colors than we do! I can usually only find balck and gold. I want a purple or pinky one!!
  5. I have 2 tri-folds Bearns. One in blk box-calf and the other in violet mysore. The violet chevre is my favorite because it shows nicely in my bags and the chevre never shows any wear. I was recently tempted by turquoise, but felt that 2 was enough!
  6. I have a turquoise one and I love it!
  7. does your box calf get lots of scratches? not sure whether i should get a hermes rouge box calf or get a gold chevre?

  8. ^^ Gold chevre!!!
  9. I'd go with the Chevre. I've been using a Chevre Mysore wallet for about 3 years now and apart from the slight flaking of the finishing at the fold, it's still perfect!
  10. do they have the hermes rouge in chevre?
  11. Junior, yes, there's Rouge H in Chevre Mysore.
  12. thank you! its so hard trying to decide the colour... leather is much easier :smile:

  13. In chevre mysore they also come in fuchsia, rouge vif, yellow, vert anis, and cyclamen.:yes:
  14. i saw a black one on the weekend but it was too boring. and i have accessories in hermes rouge, orange and gold. and i also need a colour that would look just fabulous with my blue jean birkin...

    still can't decide on a colour!!!

  15. Fuchsia can work wonders!! It'd be a good contrast.:yes: I've also seen Bearn wallet in Rose Shocking chevre. Rose shocking is a bit pinker than Fuchsia (just slightly) and tends to have a warmer tone.