Hermes Bazar Pouch?

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  1. I recently saw on a gold Togo Pouch called the Bazar. does any one know if this comes in other colors or how rare of an item this is to find online or in the stores ? i would love to find in indigo graphite or black to use inside of my Birkin 40.

    no sooner did i take a few hours to research the item on the internet it was snapped up. the price point was around 895

    any info on the Bazar would be super helpful!
  2. It was bought today? It has been there for about a week I think.
  3. it was bought yesterday but i am looking so see what other colors this comes in, i chad find any info at all about it on line,,,,
  4. i have seen it in black and there is more than one size.
  5. I have it in a large size and small size in malachite. The style is thin and flat. I originally thought I could use the small for an IPad mini pouch but it is a tiny bit too small for the IPad.

    I have seen them in the boutique in other colors.
  6. about how big is the larger size? 10 X12 inches? or is that the small?
  7. What do you use it for? I also am interested in style.
  8. I don't know how many sizes there are. I've got two sizes here and I wondered if the gold one that was was smaller than my large one.

    ImageUploadedByPurseForum1401666644.634483.jpg ImageUploadedByPurseForum1401666661.833683.jpg
  9. I I bought the small for my IPad mini and it doesn't work for that. My large is too large for a regular IPad. I am a sucker for pouches and bought these thinking I'd figure out uses later.
  10. the one on the website was 860

    these are awesome! I'm a sucka for pouches too!
  11. The onwain wad 10.4 by 11.4 so it looks like your large one!! Thanks for sharing these are gerogous!

    I want to invest in one
  12. just bear in mind this pouch is not lined, neither leather or nylon.
  13. What does the inside of this pouch look like? Do you recommend this item? Fire orange is not my priority, but these rarely come up and there's a MM available that I can get my hands on. Thanks for any comment/advice!
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