HERMES Barenia Kelly Stretch Bracelet size L

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  1. Sorry I cannot help you regarding the bracelet, as I am searching for one of the same spec as well............ good luck............
  2. :bump:
    Has anyone seen any of these XS lovelies in a boutique lately? Desperately have been searching for one in almost any color by the holidays. Should I give up and fly to Japan - is that where my XS is hiding out!?
  3. it was obviously fake since the listing has been removed by ebay.
  4. hmm the original listing was likely removed because it was over 90 days old... not sure if it was fake since I can't view the listing anymore.
  5. it has been over 90 days so it is not viewable.

    there has been a shortage of various bracelets in many boutiques in the US. hopefully as christmas approaches, stores will replenish their stocks.