Hermes Barcelona - worth a trip?

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  1. I'm heading over to Barcelona for a few days and was considering making a little detour to the Hermes shop - does it have a good selection of scarves (especially twilly's). It seems to be a bit "out the way" so will give it a miss if they don't have much.
  2. I went a few years ago. I seem to remember there were two stores, the most central one was tiny and the larger one was very nice, 2 floors I think, but quite a walk away from the touristy bits. I was only there for a day and a night so it's hard to remember, all such a rush. Take comfortable shoes! Every time I visit a new Hermes store, the stock is always so different so I would try and go just to see, you never know what gem you might find.
  3. Thanks - I had a look on the map where it was and it seems really far out from the main street that has the designer shops - Passaig de Gracia. DH wants to go to Camp Nou to see a game so am thinking of making a little detour as we go by....for research purposes only of course:devil: (well, if I've to sit through 90 minutes of football then the least he can do is buy me a little twilly or pocket scarf!)

    Mind you, he has agreed to go out to La Roca - a discount village outside Barcelona that has designer brands such as Hugo Boss at 40%+ discount - so that could be messy!! Went to the one near Paris (La Vallee) last year and spent far too much...though did get two lovely bags, an Armani jacket, a pair of Escada trainers plus a few other bits and pieces:yahoo:
  4. Went there in December, the stock is not as good as Madrid and yes it is a little out of the way. Are you looking for something in particular, perhaps you could call and ask if they have it? Saves a you a trip...
  5. I wanted to buy the birkin on the shelf and they said it was a paid hold on the shelf!
    I wanted to give her a swift kick in her pants!

    Good Luck there I really hope you get something fabulous!
  6. There used to be a store at Passage de Gracia but they closed last year. Don't know why but I was very surprised when I realised that the store was gone. It's the best location .. don't get it.
  7. Not looking for anything in particular - perhaps a scarf, twilly or an small agenda - I recently bought a small lagoon notebook as I loved the colour and couldn't wait for the larger one to arrive (DH knows how impulsive I can be :shame:smile:.

    - though was in Glasgow today and managed to walk past the Hermes store without going in...thought I'd better keep my pennies for the holiday and knew I'd be tempted by something if I did.
  8. I was there two month ago and they were nice. Lots of Kelly. It's not so far from the centre after all. I walked from there to the ramblas...
  9. I know this is an old thread but did they close the other store as well? Is there no H in Barcelona anymore?
  10. Mediana... not 100% sure but....... after checking the Hermes Official web site it appears they only have stores in Marbella and Valencia !! Such a shame as Barcelona is such a fantastic,vibrant and fashionable city and the store I visited a few years ago although small was well stocked and really helpful. The Valencia store is small but again super helpful and in a charming location ,and Valencia is a fascinating mix of old and new happily existing alongside each other. :smile:
  11. There is a big H in Madrid and the inventory is extremely good, particularly in small leather goods, leather bracelets (the CDC inventory last time I was there was the largest I'd ever seen), and in handbags.
  12. I just went back from Barcelona a few days ago. There is a Hermes store on Passeig de Gracia right across from Louis Vuitton. Pretty small store, but a nice selection.
  13. ^ Really .. so they reopened on Passeig de Gracia again. Thanks for the info. I'll check it out once I get there.
  14. I was in Barcelona for Valentine's weekend (so, mid-Feb 2010) and the Passeig de Garcia was indeed open for business. It's relatively small (compared to Beverly Hills and Madison), but the staff was extremely nice and helpful.
  15. Any current info on the Barcelona store? I´m thinking of going towards the end of the month. Thanks in advance:smile: