Hermes Bangles Pics?

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  1. Hi all,
    I'm wanting to purchase a hermes bangle by Valentines... (never know my loved one might suprise with a few hints.. its already his computer wallpaper! ;) )
    I wondered if any of you had any photos with you wearing? Just out of interest really, I havent had a trip to the store yet, just looked on the website and a few, any ideas would be greatly appreciated...
  2. I know there are some in the reference thread and possibly a thread called "Your Hermes in Action" - you might try searching in them! Best of luck and welcome!
  3. Here's one of mine. I love these bracelets!! They are super light and easy to wear...and you can even mix and match - I have 2 medium width ones also and will be getting one more think one w/silver to wear with the others...Just note they should not get I've been told...

    agenda pics 003.jpg
  4. I have the same one Shoes has (I returned the Jill bracelet) and I also have these ...
  5. Hi Kat, just one question. Do the bangles scratch easily when you wear two or more at once as they clash into each other when you swing your arm?

  6. I've only had the two orange ones since September. I don't wear them every day, but so far they look as good as new. I'm not too worried about it. I really like how they look together so I'm going to take my chances.
  7. Nice~ they do look good together!:yes:
    thank for the info:smile:
  8. thanks ladies, thats a great help, .. going downtown tomorrow and spending some mighty pennies!!! if i ever find my digital camera i will post!
  9. I have been loving the click clack recently. How do people like theirs?
  10. Girls! Stop the madness!! I was being told by the SA that we can't wear pairs tog as they will chip and crack each other as they "clang"
  11. Ive been wanting a Hermes bangle for a long time , Ive decided to get the orange H bangle with gold hardware :smile:))) next on the list Hermes belt ! :smile:))