Hermes BangKong and HongKong??

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  1. Hi everyone..

    My brother is going for a business trip to Bangkong and hongkong for 10 days and i want to know if anyone have dealt with hermes there..

    - whats the availability of 30cm ostrich/crocodile birkins?
    - what do they retail for?

    Please any feedback is appreciated :flowers:
  2. Where is Bangkong by the way?
  3. Hi pinkish,

    I believe you mean Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand.

    I don't have experience with Hermes in either places but a girlfriend tells me there is a galore of exotic Birkins/Kellys at the resellers' stores in HK. That is, if you want to buy from resellers in HK.

    For some funny reason, the addresses of the H stores in HK and Bangkok is not available on the site?!:confused1:
  4. Hermes HK

    9 Queen's Rd G8/9, The Galleria, Hong Kong • Tel#852-2525-5900
    Lee Gardens, G02-04, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
    Peninsula Hotel, W12 G/L, Kowloon
    Pacific Place, Level 3, Hong Kong
    Sogo Dept. Store, G/F, Hong Kong

  5. Prices of luxury goods in Bangkok is a lot higher than most parts of Asia, including Singapore, because of their high import tax. So people normally don't buy authentic luxury goods there.

    You may want to try Milan Stations in HK too. They have a good selection of new and re-sale Hermes goods. A lot of them are brand new - buyer's remorse goodies from HK's 1001 socialites.
  6. I've been to Bangkok Hermes at July, sadly no birkin and no kelly.
  7. My mom got herself an ebene ostrich birkin last year... And she was also offered an orange ostrich birkin... But sadly, whenever she went to HK after that, they don't have any birkin available...

    Well try your luck though!!!... Hope to hear good news from you from HK. Good Luck!

  8. I found the staff at H Peninsula extremely helpful. Even bringing in shoes and scarves from other stores for me to try. They had a fantastic green croc Kelly but it was over 12 months ago.:smile:

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    sorry was too excited :hysteric:
  11. Thank you ladies for your help!